There is something sexy about concealment, the idea that you cannot see a person’s face. It is sexy and mysterious, and this is the rationale behind mask porn. Mask porn is basically referring to porn stars wearing a mask probably covering the upper part of their face or the lower on, or sometimes the entire face. The concept is rooted in the idea of mystery, it is sexy because there is a sense of secrecy—like you do not know what is coming. Moreover, a lot of mask porn videos involve a black shiny leather mask which makes it ten times sexier for some reason. In this kind of porn, it is more about doing an alternative kink to a costume porn.

We have a notion that anyone who wears mask hides their identity while eventually entice the other party. This thrills the man or the woman, perhaps it is a knight in shining armour eating her pussy or maybe the catwoman sucking his dick.

Either way, this is why mark porn is popular and vastly consumed—the feeling of being thrilled by being fucked by someone you barely know. It feels naked but also concealed, kind of like you are being revealed to their vulnerability as they strip and go naked but also hide their identities. For some reason it feels less naked and so you crave more.

Sex Masks

In this kind of porn, the plot is usually about a woman wearing a mask covering the upper part of her face, just giving you the eyeballs and the lips. It is usually set after a formal mascaraed party where in she is wearing something tight and slightly revealing—seductive enough to have you alone for yourself. You cannot know each other for some reason although it is not like you cannot make up her face with the mask covering just half of it. Anyways you end up alone after the party together and that is when she starts exploring your body—revealing her own one by one, all her clothings on the floor except for the one of her face.

Fetish Porn

This entices you and the thrill gets to you—as you receive light kisses from her lips that are light as a feather laying on you. The mask allows you to just focus on what she is doing to you and her eyes—it highlights it as she starts sucking your hard cock. Do not worry about liking safe plots like this one, a lot of people view safe porn in addition to their wildest kinks. Sometimes all we need is something more a sexy fap material than a dirty one. It will eventually get dirty as we all know and so the build up and tension helps the overall mood and mask porn is the best at getting you horny as hell you will not be able to resist any of its contents!

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